Eia Hoʻopaʻaʻole

E hoʻomākaukau kākou, no ka hoʻopaʻaʻole

Moʻolelo o Ka Hale Mahikū

A long term goal in the making, Ka Hale Mahikū was developed

to address a number of areas of opportunity in our community.

Established on Maui, our vision enables us to search for

long overdue solutions while providing fresh products.


Human Restoration


Why do we do what we do?

We​ do what we do because it's our way of life. We keep close to what we know to gain further understanding(s) of it. What is it we do? We're farmers. Everything we do for the land is another thing we do for the people. Keeping the land healthy, keeps us being able to live on it and to thrive with the beauty of nature. For hundreds of years before civilization, our Ali'i and kanaka had farms widespread on every island. Beautiful farms, astonishing Lo'i, and Colorful forests covered our ʻāina and fed our people for centuries. We had oceans full of beautiful creatures, all kinds of fish, crabs, Shrimp, and other plentiful animals. To bring back such things would be a dreamwork that could serve and feed our islands regardless of assistances from elsewhere. The fishponds and farms that were once before, doesn't need to be a "no longer" thing. Such great things can still exist, Although it's just a matter of "What" or "Who" will help bring back such astonishing beauty of our islands. Our goal is to restore everything our people once had, and then to thrive with our kanaka