Eia Hoʻopaʻaʻole

E hoʻomākaukau kākou, no ka hoʻopaʻaʻole

Kalo ʻEleʻele


Kalo, which can be grown in wet and dry lands, is a crop we  have as a reminder of who we are, where we came from, and what is to be done.  Our ʻeleʻele variety is grown dryland style.  

Kukui Nut

Kukui nut trees are great for all sorts of things. On our farm, we have certain trees both fruit bearing trees and non-fruit bearing trees. Kukui nuts are a source of oil, dietary supplement, and the tree is an amazing source of shade. Kukui is also commonly known as candlenut.


Kupukupu is a great ground cover (not a crawler, this is a fern). These ferns are indigenous and native to Hawai'i. The Kupukupu fern can be used for many things, from arts and crafts, to traditional or cultural uses. 


'Ahu'awa is a plant that our Ancestors once used to make cordage. This plant is a great small plant for density, since it bushes out a lot when grown fully. Surrounding a house or property, these would be great for barrier lining or to prevent soil erosion.


  Noni is a super medicine to the body and can be used in a variety of ways, both through internal and external  ingestion.

(Paper Mulberry)

Wauke is a tree also known as Paper Mulberry, it has been used for hundreds of years to make Kapa or Tapa (Cloth). They would use the cloth they made out of this tree's bark as bed cloth, clothing, bandage-like wrapping, and many other things.

Photo credit: www.canoeplants.com


Luffa grows on a vine and has a number of uses, depending on when you harvest the gourds.  It is mostly known as a bath scrubber but has many other attributes.


As you can tell, native ferns are highly important to us and will be our ground cover throughout much of the farm. 


Figs grow on a tree, but are not vegan foods. 

Longevity Spinach

A fast growing leafy vegetable, longevity spinach is known for its lowering of cholesterol, blood sugars, and anti-viral properties.  It is also used to support kidney cells and as a treatment for ulcers.

Niu ~ Coconut

The golden royal variety were a favorite in Hawai'i and are known to have strong healing qualities. 

Bele ~ Edible Hibiscus

Tasty when sauteed, Bele is well known for its super healthy attributes. Also known as edible hibiscus, the young leaves are nourishing to our cell system, thus boosting immunity and strengthening health. 


Great for a variety of meals, kale is also known for its vitamin content and overall health contributions.

Okinawan Purple potatoes

These tasty potatoes are known to possess strong antioxidant properties and remove heavy metal toxins from your system during digestion. They are a versatile staple food that also has properties to lower blood sugar levels. 


Don't chive on us! Chives are pretty famous as a seasoning on potato chips, but what else are they good for?  Chives are actually really good for heart and bone health!

Roasting potatoes

These tasty lil taters are a great alternative to rice or noodles, because they are easier to digest than some of our favorite carbs.  Eating potatoes helps us to ease the blood sugar count and avoid some pre-diabetic issues.  


One Jackfruit can feed a whole family.  A wonderful substitute for meat, jackfruit provides vitamins A and C, as well as rich antioxidants that can help you recover from a cold or flu.

baking potatoes

Baking potatoes are an easy filler for a starch, and offer an easier digestion for our bodily system.  Chock filled with potassium and sodium, not only are these potatoes easy to grill and assisting to regulate blood sugar levels, but they also provide the nutrients that we need to maintain a healthy heart and to lower blood pressure.  

Ti Varieties

In our landscaping spaces, we cultivate a variety of ti for a multitude of purposes.  

Jamaican orange Lilikoi

We have a total of four varieties of lilikoi on our farm, this variety being the most dominant.  Lilikoi are great for jellies and to eat fresh off the vine, nd contain a number of health benefits that support healthy skin and immunity.

Inga ~ Ice Cream Bean

Due to its high fiber and protein content, ice cream beans have been known to help kidneys process blood sugar, making the fruit a great snack for borderline diabetics.


Known to improve digestion, battle cancer, and regulate thyroid gland functionality,  guava are also helpful to help with weight loss as well.  These sweet fruits are delightful but can be invasive, if allowed.  For this reason, it is best to get a guava dealer and not to grow this shrub at home. 
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